Protection from Loss to Your Home and Possessions and Personal Liability from Lawsuits

A fire or windstorm can cause serious damage to your home. So can snow and ice from our rough Central New York winters. So if you suffer a loss to your home, we want to make sure you get back to normal as fast as possible. That’s why Scott Jeffers oversees all claims, which are all handled at a local level.

We may be able to save you money on your premium! That’s because you can protect your home with our Actual Cash Value policy. You won’t pay extra dollars for insurance you don’t need. We’ll insure your home at a value that is agreeable to both you and the company.

Our homeowners insurance also covers your personal possessions on premises or off, subject to possible limitations. And in case of a lawsuit against you or any insured, you’ll have personal liability protection.

Call us anytime to discuss your homeowners insurance and see if we can save you money today. See below a brief explanation of the coverages in a Homeowners Insurance policy by Sauquoit Valley Insurance.

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Homeowners Insurance Coverages:

This is not a complete list of policy coverages. Consult the policy for all coverages, exclusions, and provisions.

Coverage A: Residence

Covers your residence including additions and built-in appliances.

Coverage B: Related Private Structures on the Premises

Coverage for structures on the insured premises that are not attached to your residence such as garages, storage sheds, fences, driveways, pools, and sidewalks. (Non-farm use only)

Coverage C: Personal Property

This is where your contents are covered. You may apply this coverage to personal property owned by you anywhere in the world, subject to possible limitations.

Coverage D: Additional Living Expense and Loss of Rent Coverage

Pays any necessary and reasonable increase in living expenses you may incur if all or a portion of you residence is unfit for occupancy because of an insured loss. Motels and transportation costs are examples of additional living expense. Also pays if you sustain loss of rents from a part of your residence rented to others.

Coverage L: Personal Liability

Covers you if someone is injured due to your negligence or an insured’s negligence. Personal Liability is worldwide coverage.

Coverage M: Medical Payments

If an incident occurs at your residence, this coverage will pay for incidental medical expenses up to the Medical Payment limit.